About Me

“Experiments with Translation” is a blog run by Jahnabi Barooah Chanchani. She is a writer, editor, and translator who lives in Ann Arbor, a charming college town in the Midwest. She spent much of her childhood and teenage years in Guwahati, India speaking Assamese and English, and wrestling with her conflicted relationship with Hindi. In 2013, she enrolled in Harvard Divinity School’s master’s program, and since then has studied / continues to study the following languages: Bangla, German, Latin, and Sanskrit. But let there be no doubt that Sanskrit was her first love!

The internet can be a beautiful space, a medium of learning, reflection, and relaxation. Follow this link to stumble upon some of my amazing finds on the internet.

Links to other writing:
Rain, Ruin, and Resilience: Exploring the Cultural Heritage Site of Munsar Talav in India,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, Oct 20, 2017.