śatakatrayam 1.71: ratnairmahābdheḥ (the gods were not content)

by Jahnabi Barooah

रत्नैर्महाब्धेस्तुतुषुर्न देवा
न भेजिरे भीमविषेण भीतिम् ।
सुधां विना न प्रययुर्विरामं
न निश्चितार्थाद्विरमन्ति धीरा: ।।७१।।

the gods were not content
with mere jewels from the ocean,
nor were they scared of
the most lethal of poisons;
“without obtaining the life-giving nectar,
we will not rest,” they determined.
thus they say,
the resolute do not give up
without accomplishing their goals. ||71||

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