śatakatrayam 1.66: kṣīreṇātmagatodakāya (we all know that long time ago)

by Jahnabi Barooah

क्षीरेणात्मगतोदकाय हि गुणा दत्ता: पुरा ते ऽखिला:
क्षीरोत्तापमवेक्ष्य तेन पयसा स्वात्मा कृशानौ हुत: ।
गन्तुं पावकमुन्मनस्तदभवद्दृष्ट्वा तु मित्रापदं
युक्तं तेन जलेन शाम्यति सतां मैत्री पुनस्त्वीदृशी ।।६६।।

we all know that long time ago,
milk gave all its qualities
to water with which
it was finely blended.
seeing milk boil and bubble,
water offered itself
as an oblation to fire.
now, seeing his friend in agony,
milk was aching to
jump into the flames.
therefore, isn’t it befitting
that milk is cooled
by adding water to it?
this, o dear one,
is what friendship means. ||66||