śatakatrayam 1.64: ete satpuruṣāḥ (they are virtuous)

by Jahnabi Barooah

एते सत्पुरुषा: परार्थघटका: स्वार्थान्परित्यज्य ये
सामान्यास्तु परार्थमुद्यमभृत: स्वार्थाविरोधेन ये ।
तेऽमी मानुषराक्षसा: परहितं स्वार्थाय निघ्नन्ति ये
ये तु घ्नन्ति निरर्थकं परहितं ते के न जानीमहे ।।६४।।

they are virtuous who
abandon their own goals for others;
they are mediocre who
support others’ goals as long as
these align with their own;
they are demons in the guise of men
who counteract others to advance ahead.
now, what should we call them who obstruct
others in vain? ||64||