śatakatrayam 1.59: yaḥ prīṇayetsucaritaiḥ (he is a son who delights his father)

by Jahnabi Barooah

य: प्रीणयेत्सुचरितै: पितरं स पुत्रो
यद्भर्तुरेव हितमिच्छति तत्कलत्रम् ।
तन्मित्रमापदि सुखे च समक्रियं य-
देतत्त्रयं जगति पुण्यकृतो लभन्ते ।।५९।।

he is a son who delights his father
with good behavior.
she is a wife who wishes only the best
for her husband.
he is a friend who is
even-keeled in both calamity and joy.
take note, only the pious are fortunate enough
to have all three in this world. ||59||