śatakatrayam 1.56: priyā nyāyyā vṛttiḥ (during their prime)

by Jahnabi Barooah

प्रिया न्याय्या वृत्तिर्मलिनमसुभङ्गेऽप्यसुकरं
त्वसन्तो नाभ्यर्थ्या: सुहृदपि न याच्य: कृशधन:।
विपद्युच्चै: स्थैर्यं पदमनुविधेयं च महतां
सतां केनोद्दिष्टं विषममसिधारातव्रतमिदम् ।।५६।।

during their prime,
they are principled and pleasing;
even when death creeps up,
their conduct is impeccable.
they demand nothing from wicked people,
nor of their friends
if they have but a meagre harvest.
when confronted with calamities,
they remain calm and composed,
and they follow in the footsteps
of the great ones.
who demands this way of life from good people–
as tormenting as sleeping with one’s beloved
with a sword in the middle? ||56||