śatakatrayam 1.52: vipadi dhairyam (fortitude during adversity)

by Jahnabi Barooah

विपदि धैर्यमथाभ्युदये क्षमा
सदसि वाक्पटुता युधि विक्रम:।
यशसि चाभिरतिर्व्यसनं श्रुतौ
प्रकृतिसिद्धमिदं हि महात्मनाम् ।।५२।।

courageous during adversity,
forbearing concerning success,
master of the art of rhetoric,
valorous in war, desirous to acquire stature,
and assiduously devoted to scripture;
these are the characteristics of the great! ||52||

compare with nītiśataka 1.41 where he outlined the characteristics of the wicked. the degree of similarity in structure and choice of words in these two verses is really striking.