śatakatrayam 1.17: if people are patient, what is the point of armor? (kṣāntiścetkavacena kiṃ)

by Jahnabi Barooah

क्षान्तिश्चेत्कवचेन किं किमरिभि: क्रोधोऽस्ति चेद्देहिनां
ज्ञातिश्चेदनलेन किं यदि सुहृद्दिव्यौषधै: किं फलम् ।
किं सर्पैर्यदि दुर्जना: किमु धनैर्विद्यानवद्या यदि
व्रीडा चेत्किमु भूषणै: सुकविता यद्यस्ति राज्येन किम् ।।१७।।

if you are patient, what’s the need for armor?
if you are boiling with rage, why fight enemies?
if you have irritating relatives, why worry about fear?
if you have friends, what’s the need for divine medicines ?
if there are malicious people, why fear snakes?
if you have knowledge, why chase after wealth?
if you have the crown of modesty, why hanker after ornaments?
if you have poetic talent, can a kingdom really compete? ||17||