You are the dream to the dreamless…

by Jahnabi Barooah

Check out this Bangla poem, and its English translation, both by my talented friend Upali Śraman.


You are the dream to the dreamless,

sleep to the one without sleep,

and the light in the darkness,

Please don’t be silent, (wake!).

You are the eye to the blind,

a companion to the lonely one.

That is why days and nights everyone –

calls out for you.

When, the night is still,

in the eyes no sleep,

you shall come and lull me to sleep.

In the deep dark night,

you shall shine on my path,

as the sun-light.

When, with no companion, in tearful eyes –

loneliness accompanies me,

you shall come and wipe up my tears –

(the eternal friend of my heart you shall be).

(Translated from the following poem by Upali Sraman)

স্বপ্নহীনের স্বপ্ন রে তুই,

স্বপ্নহীনের স্বপ্ন রে তুই,
নিদ্রাহীনের ঘুম।
আঁধার রাতের আলো রে তুই
থাকিস না নিঝুম।

আঁখিহীনের আঁখি রে তুই
সঙ্গীহীনের সাথী,
সকাল বিকাল তাই রে সবাই
তোরে করে ডাকাডাকি।


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